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Lived Experience Consultation

New Darwin Adult Mental Health Centre

The Commonwealth Government is establishing a new Adult Mental Health Centre in Darwin. Individuals and families who have used mental health services are best able to describe what is needed and what works.
The Lived Experience Consultation on the 23rd of July is an opportunity for Darwin people to use their lived experience to inform the establishment of the proposed services which will operate from the Darwin Centre including:
  1. Immediate support to reduce distress for people experiencing crisis or at risk of suicide,
  2. A central point to connect people to other services in the region,
  3. In-house assessment to connect people to the services they need, and
  4. Short to medium term mental health supports.
People who cannot attend the Consultation, but would like to contribute their lived experience to strengthen the lived experience position are invited to follow the NT Lived Experience Network on social media to find out ways they can participate in the near term.


Date & Time   Thursday the 23rd of July 2020
9 am to 2 pm (catering provided)  
Venue   Community Room 2
Palmerston Recreation Centre
11 The Boulevard, Palmerston City  
RSVP Required in order to meet our COVID-19 Safety Management Plan.
Download the Lived Experience Consultation Flyer


Lived Experience Participation:

The purpose of the Consultation is to create a safe space for people with Lived Experience to share the knowledge and experience they have gained through

  • Access, attempted access, or no knowledge of how to access, services and supports for issues related to mental illness, trauma, alcohol or other drug use and suicide.  
  • Knowledge and experience gained both within the Darwin region and in other areas.

It is important to note that this Consultation is for people with Lived Experience only.  

People with Lived Experience who would like to attend with a Support Person are welcome to register for both people to attend.  However, we request that the Support People do not include people acting in a professional or working capacity. 

Clinicians or Mental Health Professionals seeking to attend for the purpose of observing are not welcome to attend and will be asked to leave.

Outline for Consultation:

The Consultation will include

  • An introduction to the NT Lived Experience Network and its objectives
  • An overview for the proposed Adult Mental Health Centre
  • The purpose of the Lived Experience Consultation
  • Guided workshop activities for people to share their experiences to inform the Darwin Adult Mental Health Centre
  • What will happen with the information gathered from the Consultation